I'm an independent journalist based in Beijing, China following stints in Istanbul, Beirut and Kuala Lumpur. My work across mediums focuses on the aftermath of conflict and the human side of geopolitics in the Middle East and East Asia.

My writing has been published in Foreign Policy, Slate, Esquire, NBC News, Al Jazeera, Public Radio International, among others. I'm a grantee of the International Women's Foundation for my ongoing project on China's two-child policy, and a frequent contributor to Getty Images in China.

For me, journalism is an intellectual exercise, a sociological tool, and a constantly evolving lesson in human interaction. The connection it facilitates is something beautiful. It's also heavy. It's my way to engage in that complexity with the people I interview and photograph. I'll continue doing this work to understand the nuances around me.



Dart Center Reporting Safely in Crisis Zones - Participant

IWMF Reporting Grants for Women's Stories - Grantee

Art Works Projects - Finalist


Art Works Projects - Shortlist Finalist

Coalition for Women in Journalism - Mentee


Yunghi Kim Grant

Prix de le Photographie, Paris (PX3) - Silver Feature Story

FotoDocument Marilyn Stafford PhotoReportage Awards - Shortlist Finalist

PDN Magazine - Honorable Mention


University of Texas Austin, Plan II Honors and International Relations


The Daily Star Lebanon


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