News from Lebanon's northern port city of Tripoli is often dominated by stories of underdevelopment, sectarianism and extremism. Young people living in Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh-- two areas often in direct conflict-- have seen the effects firsthand when family members adopted extremist ideologies while neighbors joined radical groups fighting in Syria. Salim, 17, said these influences in his neighborhood made normal childhood activities impossible. "When Daesh [ISIS] came into our neighborhood, our life was finished. It was done. I stopped going to the neighborhood, I stopped going to the streets.”

In addition to pressures in their own neighborhoods, prejudices from the older generation about rival areas drastically limit chances from young people around the city to interact. But despite years of conflict for the next generation, there's progress. Salim and other teens fight back with activities like dance that showcase the coherence that's possible in Tripoli.

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